Why Crochet??

So you maybe wondering why people crochet. For some crocheter's it is because an older relitive did and taught them as a child. For others it comes along when looking for a new hobby. For my self it was so i could do a charity project with a good friend. Aside from the fact that you can make so many different beautiful items there are so many reasons to crochet.

Lets start with keeping your hands busy. Wether like me you overeat due to boredom or if you are giving up smoking (been there done that you can to!!), or if you just get yourself n to trouble with idle hands. This is a great way to keep those hands busy. 

Next is how good it can be for your mental health! I have suffered with anxiety and depression for a few years and find crocheting really helps to cam me and distract my mind. It's portable (as long as it's not a double blanket lol) so i have taken mine to doctors appointments and sat crocheting in the waiting room to keep anxiety away. It also comes on holiday with me (check what to do with anyhing sharp if flying). It also gets us off of screens, we all now we could do with more time off the screen!

The sense of pride you get at the end of a project can't be ignored either. Yes at first it can be challenging, I swore and threw my first square more than once! However i stuck it out and finally sarted to get my head around it! it is so nice to get to the end of something small like a washcloth or big like a blanket you get to sit back and say "i made that!"

Beter than that sense of pride is when you see someone using what you made!!!! i will never forget going to help a friend move and noticig she had the banket i had made 2 years before in the cot, her little girl slep with it every night, it really did warm my heart. Being able to gift handmade items to friends and family is amazing! I have made items for new babie, christmas, mothers day and een a new home!! they are always greatfully recieved. 

So it maybe struggle to get started but the benifits out way that by so much!! So grab a ball of wool and a crochet hook nd lets get crocheting!!