Where to buy yarn??

There are so many places to get your yarn from and some places are better than others. The first place we will look at is Hobbycraft. They have a large selection and sometimes some great deals. However sometimes they can be expensive.

Knitting network is a great online place to get yarn. They have some great deals and sell kits with patterns which are a good deal and i have bought these before my self.

Next is a local independent shop, I will always recommend that you head here first, if for nothing else the fact you are supporting a local business. My local store is a wealth of items (think Aladdin's cave for crafts lol), if they don't have it in stock they can usually get it. They are usually cheaper and friendlier than a big brand name store.

We now look at places like Poundland, Aldi and B&M. The wool from these place are of fairly good quality and a very good price. Poundland only sells 50g ball unfortunately but some lovely colours. The only real problem I have found is if you run out half way through a project you can't guarantee that you will be able to get some more of it as they do seem to sell out quick or only stock for a short period of time.