Where have I been

Hello my lovelies how are we all? Happy new year!! Hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and new year, that you was all able to get some rest and family time. We had a lovely Christmas, it was just myself, Gary and B Christmas day as the girls were with their Dad's family, Boxing day we all headed to my parents house for the day, and then on 27th (Gary's birthday) we headed down to Devon to see our Devon family which was brilliant. The weather was rubbish but we still had a wonder along the beach with the dogs. We only spent 2 nights there but it was so nice to see everyone.

So where have I been? Well basically my depression took a drive and I haven't wanted to do anything, even things I love doing. So I have been taking some time to get my self together and just concentrate on my self and feeling more like me again.

We have had a lot of things going on here while I've been away. My both my girls had birthdays and my youngest has had her first 3 driving lessons, yes I feel very old lol. I had a big birthday my self, the big 40! My friend and neighbor made sure I had plenty of balloons and banners to help celebrate. I had a great day, laying on the sofa, watching tv while Gary ran round doing everything and cooking! Best present he could give me, a whole day of me time. 

We have had big changes in our work lives as well. Gary went back to his old job but working nights this time. He enjoys this much more as the traffic is so much more quieter. It means that we have more time with him at home as well which is always nice. 

I have decided to close my childminding business, I have had enough of my house not being my house, all the things I have to have and do for Ofsted, all the paperwork. I am so happy that I have been a childminder and I will miss the children so very much. Hopefully the parents will keep me informed of their future's. I am looking forward to being able to have my house how we want it, and that I'll never have to have an Ofsted inspection again!!

So what does that mean for the future? Well my current plan is to get Croucher's Crochet up and running. I need to sort out insurance etc and then I can look in to doing some craft fairs and farmers markets. I really can't wait to start doing fairs, keep your fingers crossed that I can do well at them. 

I'm looking at some other work from home type jobs that I would also be able to do. Obviously getting a job outside the home would be monetarily better however, I do still have to home educate B so a job during the day is out, and with Gary working nights and the girls both working till 8/9pm getting an evening job is out the window. So these are my only options that make the most sense at this time.