What I've made this week. Weekending 2/4/21

Another busy week this week. This week I have had an apprentice this, my 16 year old daughter. She wanted to learn how to use my knitting my knitting machine to make knitted clowns. We spent 6 hours one evening and got 2 made, she now wants to make a clown army lol. 


Got another Grogu (baby Yoda) done, they are just so cute! My husband has one that lives in his truck windscreen, so if you see a truck with a Grogu that'll be my hubby lol.


I made my first worry monster and hopefully I can get the pattern made up to start selling soon. they were a little fiddly to make up as they are made from Tinsel yarn, look so cute when done though!

I am feeling overwhelmed with the amount of people following me on Tiktok. I am really enjoying making the video's and the growing crochet community on their is brilliant. 

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