What I've made this week!

Hello, I hope you have all had a good week. It has been a slow one for me this week. I have mainly been concentrating on getting a fathers day blanket finished off. It's getting there just lots of colour changes so will be lots of ends to sow in! There is an easier way to do this where the yarn stays attached, but with the amount of colour changes in this project I felt it wouldn't work when turning etc.  

The only other thing I have made this week was a Project that popped up on you tube ( can be found here https://youtu.be/tLtB_CPf_kE ). He is a BAUS (baby alien, unidentified species). I made him on the Sentro 22 needle (lady in the video used the Addi express), he was sooo cute I just had to have a go! Not to sure on his ears at the moment, think they could be a row or 2 shorter but otherwise I love him!! 

Also this week i booked my self in to my first fair!!!! It's run by one of my local schools, due to covid they can't run there usual summer fair so they are running a Safari bootfair. You have a "pitch" on your own driveway and a map is sent out to people going of where the pitches will be and people drive / walk round. I thought this way would be a good way to try out doing a fair without pressure of an actual fair. It's on 10th July so I'll let you know about it after, Wish me luck!