What I made this week, 2 week catch up

The last week has been a little crazy, with getting back in to the swing of school runs and home schooling my son crocheting and this blog got neglected. 

Anyway, I have still been able to make quite a lot of bits. My first was some new face scrubbie's, they are so cute and feel nice when washing, they are 100% cotton so are totally reusable and can be thrown in the washing machine!!

face scrubbiesjpg

I've been using the Sentro knitting machines this week to make some great items. The first is some slippers. These are so comfy and warm, can't wait to have them on in winter!!! 

blue mens slippersjpg

I made my friends 2 children these lovely little cuddly toys, a unicorn and a horse. They are so cute and snuggly. i also made a zebra which was a bit of a pain cause of all the colour changes, however it looks so cute!!!


Crocheted this great couch tidy. The pattern was from  and was sent to me by my friend Danielle, she always finds the cutest patterns!!

couch tidyjpg

My last make was also on the Sentro knitting machine, it was a blanket for my son. He has waited so long for a blanket, myself and his sisters all have one each so he's so happy now. It ended up being a bit longer than I thought it would be so if I do another one a similar size I would do it a few rows smaller.

Well that's me for the week. Don't forget to head on over to my Tiktok here https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMex1hV5h/ and all my items are for sale on my Etsy shop here Handmade crochet by Croucherscrochet on Etsy