Summer holiday's

Hi my lovelies, Hope you have all had a great summer. I was working for 4 of the 6 weeks but only had a hand full of children so it was quiet. 

I had 2 weeks off and the end of the holidays. The first week I was at home having a bit of a spring clean and getting the caravan ready for our holiday. We had a great time down in Devon and got to see some family and friends that live down that way which was so good. 

We had an amazing view over Seaton and out to sea, just a beautiful place to relax, and crochet lol.

Yes I did take my crochet with me, why not lol. Gary has his games to relax i have my crochet. I only took a little bit...................... 20210819_182205jpgOk Ok a big bit lol. I managed to make a t-shirt yarn bag, kitchen scrubbie for the caravan and started a new 6 strand blanket. 

We had some great days out at the Bovington tank museum and the Fleet air arm museum, B and hubby loved them, history and military, they where in there element lol. I enjoyed them as well which, honestly I didn't think I would. 

We had some really funny moments, a chicken found it's way in to the caravan and then on to Gary's lap, which was brilliant. Twice we had a sparrow fly in the awning, first time it managed to get in the caravan as well! we also found a pig we nicknamed "mickey mouse pig" cause of it's markings. 

So that was basically our summer. Now we're back, minded children are back to school, B is back to home schooling Monday so we will be back to "normal" what ever that is lol. 

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