So busy!!

Sorry that I have been away from here for a couple of weeks, we have had so much going on.

Gary started his new job, so he is now away from home Monday - Friday. It's not ideal but is what it is. My self and the kids are getting in to a new routine with house jobs ect that he would have normally done.
This is how we spend most evenings, B chats first then I finally get to talk lol.

We're getting ready to go back to face to face meeting at Cubs, Can't wait for that, hate all this zoom meeting stuff!!

The girls are both nearly all done with their A-level and GCSE stuff and should both be leaving in a few weeks!! H will be having a prom (fingers crossed) so we are getting dress ect sorted for that as well.

Crocheting has taken a back seat to childminding and all the paperwork that goes with that (love the job hate the paperwork!) as well as renewing my first aid, Via zoom (which was very weird lol) using a Mini Anne they sent me.

We have also had some family time with my mums Birthday. She loves red foxes so we adopted one for her, crochet one for her and had a cake made with one on top. She was over the moon. 

As for my crocheting I Have had my first 2 orders!!!!! A baby Grogu and 2 caravan decorations. So happy to finally have orders coming in!! I am in the middle of 3 blankets. 2 are gifts so can't share pictures yet and 1 is an experiment that I am trying out that I saw on Tiktok by a lovely lady Kemobykerry, If you have Tiktok go check her out, she's brilliant. She was making a 6 strand blanket with a size 20mm hook!!!! I was amazed and had to give it ago. Looking forward to how they all turn out.
I'm hopeful that I can up my stock and start doing fairs ect this year, again fingers crossed!!

I have some great plans for this blog so stick with me lol.