Losing my Crojo

Hi my lovelies, How are you all?

So the last few weeks I have totally lost my "crojo" (crochet mojo lol). I haven't had the motivation to crochet or do anything with my blog. 

I suffer with anxiety and depression and have been suffering with my depression for a few weeks now. When I am having a down time with it I have no desire to do the things I love, this unfortunately means that the hooks didn't get picked up and couldn't find the motivation to blog or update social media. 

I have this week started to be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and have managed to finish 2 blankets!!

I don't know if it is cause summer is here so no school runs and no home schooling B, cause we have planned a weeks holiday or what it is that has started to turn things around but the main thing is that I have turned it and on the way back up again. 

I hope you can all understand and will continue to support my blog. Next week, what I've made this week will be back and on Monday we will be looking at amigurumi crochet.