First Safari Bootfair and quick update

Hello my lovies, how are we all? All good I hope. 

So I did my first fair type event. It was a safari bootfair run by a local school. For those that haven't heard of these before it is a bootfair where you have a stall on your driveway / front garden and the people walk around the local area visiting the stalls. In theory this was a great idea, however many in the local area weren't aware of it and it rained all day long!! this made it a very slow day. I had a still with my neighbor who was promoting her mobile beauty business. We had a couple of visitors but apart from that it was just us. Luckily she is also my best friend so we just had a great day chatting and laughing. It was a great way to test out my set up and what I want to be selling though so not a total waste.   
20210710_130523jpgLast weekend my self and my husband visited Aylesford Farmers Market just to see what it was like and get a feel for it. I an hoping to have a stall there at the next monthly market. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

I have been busy making a Koala for a teacher present for my friend's son's teacher, she's not only leaving the school but off to live a new life in Australia, when covid allows of course. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get a photo of him, but he was cute!

Now we are in the summer holidays I will have more time for crocheting and my blog as the childminding goes a bit slower for myself as I have quite a few term time only children. This works well for us, not financial but for the family it does. I'm still hoping that I will be able to fully stop minding in a couple of years and do Croucher's crochet full time.

I have been working on a 6 strand blanket that is turning out amazing, all the colours are really looking good together and it is so cozy! head on over to my tiktok to see my updates on my current working projects.