All things Patterns!!!

Patterns, patterns where do we find you? So there are an endless list of places you can go to find a pattern you want to try. My first place if I'm looking for a certain pattern will be Google. You will find many websites selling patterns, and giving patterns for free. Sometimes you can find a tutorial on You Tube so you can crochet along. This is a great place to start out as you can see what you are meant to be doing, this is how I started. I found it much easier to watch someone else crocheting it then trying to read it at first. 

Websites like and have patterns you can buy from other crafters (shout out to supporting our fellow crafters!!) You can usually find really nice pattern's for fairly cheap. 

There are also some great free websites as well with a long list of free patterns. are all websites that offer free crochet patterns you can download and print. 

There is also many many books and magazines full of beautiful patterns. Magazines are great for seasonal ideas, especially during the warmer months lol. 

Only a short post this week but hope you will join me again on Friday to see if I finally get my blankets and Pokémon finished and gifted lol. 

Have a lovely week my lovelies.